T H E  C O L L E C T I O N 

A N D  R A R I T I E S

The cryptoCommonerz collection is comprised of 2000 Common Male and Female cryptoCommonerz, a Rare Series with 100 NFTs, and several featured Series (with limited NFTs) that are minted based on occasions and events of a commoner.

The rarities of the cryptoCommonerz collection may be considered countless since our scope includes an everyday person. But below, you will find some notable Rarities from the Common and Rare Series of the collection. Featured Series (Christmas, Halloween, Football League, Thanksgiving, ...) have different set of rarities based on the event.

1. Hair - Normal <several>, Clean Side, Afro, Shaved, Bald, Long, Dreadlock
2. Eyes - Normal, Blue, Green, Grey
3. Skin - Very Fair, Fair, Dark, Medium Tone
4. Mouth - Normal, Normal Red, Smiling, With Teeth, With Dimples
5. Eyebrow - Slit, Lifted
6. Mustache
7. Beard - Grown, Middle Grown, Short, Long

8. Accessories - Eyeglasses, Wristwatch, Visor, Sunglasses, Headband, Armband, Wristband, Headset, Earring/s, Face Mask, Necklace, Bracelet, Belt, 3d Glasses, VR Goggles, Tattoo, Shoe, Backpack, Bag, Handbag, Various Headpieces, plus more

9. Clothes - Coat and Tie, Puffer Jacket, Down Jacket, Leather Jacket, Long and Short Jackets, Striped Hoodie, Long and Short Hoodies, T-shirt <Normal, Printed, Striped>, Long Shirts, Shorts, Bra, Lingerie, Blouse, Dress, Evening Gown, Gown, plus more

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended on any name, similar look, traits and characteristics depicted on each art.




20 Minted

Happy Easter! Here are some male cryptoCommonerz in Easter Bunny and Easter Egg costumes.


Male (Common)

1000 in total to be Minted 

They are good looking, and will be comprised of 1000 male cryptoCommonerz


Male (Rare)

100 in total to be Minted

Limited to 100 items with different set of rarities, which make them even more fun and unique



100 in total to be Minted

They are adored by the world and have left a mark in the entire mankind. An inspiration to millions



24 Minted

Gobble gobble! It's time to wear those turkey and roasted turkey hats! Happy Thanksgiving!


New Year

21 Minted

It's 2022! Happy New Year! It's best celebrated with champagne and those animated fireworks


Female (Common)

1000 in total to be Minted 

They are beautiful pieces of art, and will have its own collection by end of 2022



3 Minted (upon request)

These are customized cryptoCommonerz, made upon request. Contact us via Twitter or IG


Male (Common)


They are good looking, and will be comprised of 2000 items with the Female cryptoCommonerz



22 Minted

Some scary and funny stuff here! Features Dracula, Pennywise, Frankenstein, Squid Game, plus more



26 Minted

Merry Christmas! Casual Santa, Miss Santa, and some ugly Christmas sweaters are featured!


Football League

20 Minted

Several cryptoCommonerz dress up in football costumes, making up the Football League Series.

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