A B O U T 

The NFT Community is growing rapidly. With majority of other collections that are copying attributes of popular ones, cryptoCommonerz came into mind. This project features different aesthetics and creative styles that appear cleaner and clearer, and are all hand drawn.

"We are hand drawn 64 x 64 pixel art, which aims to showcase our fellow male and female commoners in what we normally look like in our everyday lives, as well as extras that make us more fun and attractive." - cryptoCommonerz


The collection includes male and female commoners from Common Series, a Rare Series, and several Series based on events in a commoner's life. 

"We do look good as profile picture on your social media sites!" - cryptoCommonerz

Once purchased, owner has the full right and usage of the NFT. You may use them for various purposes; you may collect them, you may flip them (resell), or make them as your profile image, your wallpaper, or a smart watch's watch face. At the end of the day, it's still a fun art.

"It's a collectable art. The idea is to collect, have fun, and yes, likely to even make money!" - cryptoCommonerz

The collection is being minted by phase, slowly but surely. This is to make sure there is quality on every NFT being minted. This will also prevent a 'burn out', which normally leads to 'rug pull' of projects. This in return will be beneficial to the community, and ensure the longetivity of the project.


"Everyone can be a part of the NFT Community! So a big THANK YOU to those who have collected us so far! Hope we are serving our purpose, while you're having fun in the NFT world."  - cryptoCommonerz

Feel free to collect a cryptoCommoner and be a part of the growing NFT Community!

T H E  P E O P L E

Here are the commoners behind the cryptoCommonerz:



Creator / Artist

A Computer Science graduate whose both left (analysis) and right (creativity) sides of the brain work equally. 

"The process of creating the cryptoCommonerz by hand is healing. You have to think of new ideas to be able to beat and surpass what you have initially created. It's growth! The collection is evolving! Being able to see a piece that is completely done is rewarding too. I consider this creative process as one of the most exciting phases in my life!"

A Computer Science graduate who invests mainly in cryptocurrencies; a nocturnal

"Seeing cryptoCommonerz grow, both in the art and the community makes us want to even achieve more and reach new heights. NFT is the future and we're lucky to be a part of it."




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